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Examples of previous sponsorship projects

Uppsala Health Summit 2014 and 2015

Uppsala Health Summit is an international arena which specifically invites policy-makers, opinion makers and experts from politics, healthcare, academy, business and civil society for direct and open dialogue on how we can use research results and innovations for better health and healthcare. We make sure to include different perspectives, such as medicine, economics, ethics, etc, in our programme and our discussions. The project is run as a collaboration between eight partners, with Uppsala University as host.

In June 2014 we held our first conference, focusing on challenges and dilemmas connected to an ageing population. The theme for 2015 was antibiotic resistance, 'A World without Antibiotics'. Both conferences were highly successful, with about 200 participants (maximum capacity) at the Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall.

Linn Mandahl-Skepp, CEO Takeda Sverige AB:
“Uppsala Health Summit was a very positive experience for us. Engaging in Uppsala Health Summit gave us the opportunity to interact with key experts and stakeholders from academia, authorities and politics. The broad range of attendees made discussions both insightful and inspiring. Topics chosen were very relevant to Takeda and led to new ideas on how to better partner with our customers and key stakeholders. The exposure of our company was also valuable since this is a field that we are truly committed to and the themes covered were very much in line with Takeda's focus and values. We believe this will be an important meeting place in years to come.”

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Ikebana & Contemporary Plant Art 2014

In the summer of 2014, Thunberg’s magnificent orangery in Uppsala’s Botanical Garde was filled with floral installations. The pieces were created on location by seven specially invited Japanese artists. The exhibition was unique worldwide. Traditional Ikebana from the highly esteemed schools Ikenobo and Ohara was displayed together with contemporary Japanese art inspired by the diversity of the plant world. Plants from Swedish wildlife and the Uppsala Linnean Gardens were combined with cut flowers, potted plants, stones, roots and branches. Japanese esthetics in Swedish conditions. The exhibition attracted 7,500 visitors from near and far, and gained a lot of attention through media.

Our sponsors have been involved through visibility in marketing and at the exhibition, connected events and in our work with social media. Together we have collaborated to reach our, to a large extent shared target groups.

THE GOOD CITY and west side story 2015

Den goda staden (“The Good City”) was a collaborative project which aimed to bring culture and science together. Here, the focus was on questions of exclusion and community. These are important issues when freedom of speech and democracy, diversity and equal opportunity – fundamental values to a university – are threatened in various ways in contemporary society. There are several challenges when our urban environment is under scrutiny – alienation, finding yourself, sustainable city life, integration and environments conducive to well-being and a sense of community.

In autumn 2015, the University opened its doors to the public, private business and schools, holding a series of musical performances, seminars, debates and lectures on various themes related to a good life in the city.

An important part of Den goda staden was the production of West Side Story, one of the most popular musicals of the 20th century. Its narrative not only deals with xenophobia, exclusion and gang mentality in an inner-city environment, but also addresses dreams and the yearning for a different life. The musical was performed to sold-out audiences in Svandammshallarna in Uppsala for ten dates in November 2015.

The Good City was organised by Uppsala University with a number of collaborative partners, who aside from visibility in connection with activities and the musical also collaborated on several of the activities.

Scifest 2015

Two young scientists in lab coats.SciFest – a science festival by youths, for youths. SciFest 2015 attracted more than 7,300 visitors over three days to the newly built premises at Fyrishov in Uppsala. Some 60 activities were offered, including experimental workshops, shows and talks focusing on science and technology. The theme for 2015 was 'Life and the latest technology'. Some of the most popular programme points at SciFest have included Hans Rosling’s interactive lecture, the multimedia biology show and the host and chemist Benjamin “Beppe” Singer from Swedish television’s show Hjärnkontoret.

Sponsors can contribute both interesting and educational workshops as well as financial support. By doing so we can reach our common goals – to increase interest in science and technology among young people.