Uppsala University Rapid Review - United Nations Agenda 2030 & Sustainable Development Goals, January 2017

Executive Summary

In 2015 Uppsala University started to reorganise how it looks at  “Sustainable Development” within its academic and management contexts. The University Council adopted a new strategy highlighting the general approach it will take to implement, manage and monitor the University’s role and responsibility towards the realisation of the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. Endeavouring to build on the university’s long history of teaching and researching issues of sustainability. As such moving to be one of the core Swedish facilities aiming to build a forward thinking institution required in fulfilling this mission.

Appointing a special advisor, creating a visiting Professor of Climate Change Leadership, developing a number of new courses and academic programmes as well as participating in various platforms in pursuit of attaining Agenda 2030, are some of major measurable outcomes to date. These initiatives are commendable and the persons and institutions working towards success in this area have also realised that it is important for Uppsala University to develop a cohesive Agenda 2030 operational approach that can underpin the broad strategy already in place. The university is able to collect, collate and disseminate knowledge, skills and experience whilst monitoring its overall contributions to a better world.

Sufficient evidence exists that Uppsala University is indeed a major player in the Swedish, Scandinavian, European and global community when it comes to doing fundamental and advanced Sustainable Development research and education. Starting with SDG 1 “poverty” and moving right through to “…revitalising Global Partnerships for the implementation of Sustainable development (SDG 17)”. Uppsala University brings nearly 540-years of experience and understanding to the complexities of society. Every day the university faculty and students strive to be world leaders in developing new technologies, researching multifaceted questions and finding new ways to cope with complex issues.  It is therefor critical to remember, though it might seem challenging, it is in the DNA of Uppsala University to nurture new ideas, value the progressive traditions of mentorship, inclusivity and innovation. Making it an ideal institution to enable success in meeting the Agenda 2030 outcomes.

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