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  • Messages received by Uppsala University are public documents and are covered by the principle of public access to official documents.
  • ​Messages received are dealt with in office hours, with the exception of security issues, which are monitored 24/7.

You can read more about how Uppsala University handles personal data in our Data Protection Policy.

Invoices and payments

Non-Swedish suppliers should always send their invoices directly to the address of the ordering department or unit.

Invoice address for Swedish suppliers (since 1 Jan 2021):
Uppsala universitet, Invoices, Box 148, 751 04 Uppsala, Sweden

Always specify the personal reference code of the person who placed the order (three numbers + three letters).

Organisation registration number: 202100-2932
VAT no: SE202100293201

Payments to Uppsala University


Further information about current procurements, how to become a supplier and how to tender

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Whistleblowing function – reporting wrongdoings

Under the Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting Irregularities (2021:890), known as the Whistleblowing Act, Uppsala University is obliged to establish an internal reporting channel (a whistleblowing function). The Act enables people to report work-related wrongdoings that contravene Union law or that are so serious in nature that there is a general interest in ensuring they cease.

This could, for example, concern wrongdoings that pose an imminent or manifest danger to life, health or safety, a risk of extensive environmental damage, or some other matter that there is legitimate reason to report to the authority, e.g. financial irregularities and corruption.

You submit a report through Uppsala University’s whistleblowing function.

Make a whistleblowing report

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If you have questions regarding specific job positions – please contact the person mentioned in the job listing. See our list of jobs and vacancies.


Do you or your organisation want to visit Uppsala University? Please send an email to and we will get in touch.


Uppsala University’s emergency number (24/7 service): +46 18 471 25 00
Security and Safety Division:

IT support or +46 18 471 44 00