First Annual Conference 2022

October 19-21, 2022 • Uppsala, Sweden • Hybrid Conference (on-site and virtual)

Alva Myrdal centre Nuclear weapons are now on top of the agenda again in a way not seen for decades. The need to learn about the preconditions for nuclear disarmament in a broad sense is thus all the more evident. Issues range from risk reduction, arms control, and non-proliferation in the immediate term to achieving security communities and disarmament in the long term, and concern many different disciplines and fields of inquiry.

In this context, the Alva Myrdal Centre will host its first Annual Conference in Uppsala, Sweden, on October 19-21 and online (in part). The conference opens on October 19 at 15.00 with the official inauguration of the Alva Myrdal Centre in the University aula. On October 20 and 21 the conference itself will take place. This conference is intended as a space to share and discuss research and ideas on nuclear disarmament, and aims to combine insights from the social sciences, natural sciences and other disciplines, as well as from practical experience.

The three-day conference will be a hybrid event featuring opening and closing plenary sessions as well as interactive thematic sessions to present current research. In addition to scientific panels there will be activities aimed at facilitating exchanges between academics, practitioners, civil society and the interested public. One ambition is to take stock of the state of the art, and a series of sessions will therefore be presentations and discussions on this theme.

The Alva Myrdal Centre invites proposals for papers, poster presentations, panels and other activities on topics relevant to nuclear disarmament in a broad sense. We welcome the participation of researchers, students, policy makers and the interested public from around the world who specialize or are interested in issues pertaining to nuclear weapons and disarmament. We look forward to receiving your proposals and seeing you in Uppsala in October!

Participation in the Conference is free of charge, and the Alva Myrdal Centre will not cover travel and accommodation expenses for participants. 

Please observe that you must apply via our electronic application system to be eligible. You can access the form via the ‘propose an activity’ button at the end of this page. The initial closing date for applications is 16 May 2022 23:59 (CEST).

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Interested in attending the Annual Conference without proposing an activity? Please, register your participation by filling out the form via the “Register participation” button. Registration will be open until October 18 2022 23:59 (CET). Note that if you have already filled out an application to propose an activity, you do not have to fill out the form under “Register participation”.

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