Challenges and opportunities with active student participation

How can you work with limited time and resources? What does ASP mean for the quality of education? Check out the film below titled, "Opportunities and Challenges in active student participation" to learn more.

The film discusses opportunities and challenges that are possible when working with active student participation. First that students require support to be able to take greater responsibility for their education. Students can, for example, be trained to lead groups or get opportunities to discuss their education with other students. Many perceive lack of time as a challenge. Researcher Cherie Woolmer believes that increased cooperation between students and teachers often takes time, but it creates a different kind of conversation and learning that many teachers and students perceive as meaningful and exciting. Others wonder if the quality of education will suffer when students take a greater role. Educational developer Ulrike Schnaas says that many teachers experience improvement in the quality of students' work when they have a greater opportunity to participate.


  • Do you need resources or guidance to start a conversation or to organise a seminar around active student participation with your peers, colleagues, or teachers? Get support from diverse presentation material or show our films
  • What different ways are there to work with active student participation? See the page with good examples and check out the resource bank. For many of the examples, you can even find a contact person whom is happy to share more information! 
  • In confronting different challenges, getting support and even training is crucial. We gladly give consultations for groups and individuals (students and faculty!) for those who would like to develop active student participation in your context. Contact us!