Student-led courses in sustainability

At CEMUS, it is the students who lead the courses. CEMUS hires student course coordinators to administer and lead interdisciplinary courses on issues of sustainability. Course coordinators are often working in pairs and are responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating a university course.

How do students work at CEMUS?

How does CEMUS work and how is it to work as a course coordinator? Sanna Gunnarsson and Jakob Grandin give us some answers in the YouTube film below.

  • University Centre with approximately 20 student-led courses across the subjects of environment, development and sustainability.
  • Students are hired as course coordinators, who plan, implement and evaluate a university course
  • A goal of CEMUS is that even the students who take the courses are actively involved and have influence
  • Strives to be a meeting place for students, teachers, researchers, and civil society on issues of sustainability
  • An example from UU - student-led study groups

  • An example from UU - students facilitate problem-based learning

  • An example from UU - students address missing perspectives

  • Student-teacher partnerships - an interview with Alison Cook-Sather

  • What can Active student participation look like?

  • Challenges and opportunities with active student participation

  • What is active student participation? See our introduction film

Last modified: 2022-04-25