Start working with active student participation

How can you start working with active student participation? What is important to keep in mind? Who can help me? Watch the film "How to get startaed with active student participation" to hear more. You can watch the film below. 

In this film, Alexis Engström explains that students and faculty can all have different motivations for why they work with active student participation, and that it is important to be open to these different motivations. Alison Cook-Sather, professor in education at Bryn Mawr College in the USA, thinks that it is important for teachers to give students an open invitation that shows the teacher is open for new ways of working together. For student, Caroline Bodin, support from teachers and the department important when students from her program started a mentorship program. She says also that often there are resources and people willing to help if you just look around you. Pedagogical consultant, Lisa Persson, points out that it is important to not simply explain your idea, but also to show in practice what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Tools for getting started

  • Explore examples: In the resource bank, you will find examples of methods, presentation materials and worksheets to work with ASP. There is everything from simple activities to the program's overall initiative. To see how to work with active student participation at UU, see our film on the topic and get inspired by a few good examples.
  • Take a course: We offer short courses in mentoring for students and methodological guidance for teachers who are supporting student mentors. There are also opportunities for consultations for those who want to develop active student participation. Contact us!
  • Start simple: It takes time and you can not work alone. However, including elements of active student participation in courses or programs does not require recreating everything. It is possible to include various activating components without making extensive changes! Get inspiration from examples in the resource bank, especially examples from 'Peer teaching' and 'Partnership ideas'.
  • Tips and important questions for you as a teacher who wants to start working with active student participation