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Active student participation offers many benefits, including that students develop a deeper understanding of the subject and practice generic skills such as cooperation and facilitation of groups. Playing a more active role in the education of oneself and ones peers can boost motivation, promote meta-reflection, and contribute to a feeling of togetherness in the student group. Increased participation can also be seen as a practice in democracy and citizenship. 

Here is a selective bibliography of active student participation, clustered around certain themes. Below each reference there is a short summary of its content.  

Literature from Uppsala

"Students, the university's unspent resource" discusses the importance of active student participation in higher education and how it can be developed in the future. Read the full anthology here. 

Read also The Swedish National Union of Students' publicaition "Improving Teaching and Learning in Swedish Higher Education: A Student Perspective"

Researchers and practitioners

There is a dynamic international community working on active student participation. Uppsala is part of a supportive and lively network, with a high level of competency and cooperativeness. We have compiled an overview of people we've had the pleasure to work with. We hope their work can inspire others and that this list will continue to grow!

ASP international network

Last modified: 2021-09-27