Advanced usage

For the second factor at UPPMAX, we rely on a standard called TOTP, timebased one time passwords. There are software for using this standard that can run on most platforms, but a few notable ones are Google Authenticator and Authy (iOS and Android smartphones, including iPhones), Winauth (Windows), JAuth (Windows, macOS, Linux) and even HTML based ones. There are also extensions and plugins for most webbrowsers and password managers.

Most likely it's easiest to use a device such as a smart phone or a tablet as they make it somewhat easier to get the needed details added to the app, but it's entirely possible to do it entirely on a computer. In addition to the softwares mentioned above, one may need an additional code to get information out of the QR code presented. Some possible options are qrcode-desktop (Java) and Code two QR code desktop reader (Windows). If neccessary, refer to your local IT support for how to install and use these.

If you do use the tools listed to get information out from the QR code, you will be presented with something similar to


From that string you need to extract the SOMEWEIRDTEXT bit as that is the "secret" you need to give to the tool you choose.

You need to select a software to use and install it (if you need help, it's probably easiest to ask your local IT support).