Need two factor authentication from outside of Sweden or with incorrect DNS

From outside Sweden

If you try to connect directly to our resources from computers outside Sweden you will most likely be required to set up and use two factor authentication (you will be asked for a code from your second factor automatically if required).

Another alternative If you need to access UPPMAX from outside Sweden, may be to use a Swedish VPN service. E.g. if you're employed at Uppsala University then you can connect using the university's VPN service.

From within Sweden

If you are required to use two factor authentication, and are connecting from a computer in Sweden, this is typically caused by your computer not having a proper DNS name, or the forward and reverse name resolution do not match. (Please see for more information why this is important.)

If this is the case, please contact your ISP and ask them to correct this.


You can check forward and reverse name resolution on this webpage:

To see what address the other side thinks you come from (which will likely be what our systems see), services like

can be helpful.

On Linux, you can also use these commands:

  • Forward resolution: 'host mycomputername.domain.tld'. You have to replace mycomputername.domain.tld with your computers actual name. Example
    $ host
    $ has address
  • Reverse resolution: 'host my_ipnumber'. You have to replace my_ipnumber with your computers actual IP number. Example
    $ host
    $ domain name pointer