A challenging experience in an international environment. Three exciting days at the Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm, where students from the Netherlands and Uppsala worked with the support of experienced coaches to find creative solutions to a societal challenge around e-health.

During three exciting days students worked to find solutions to a real life challenge on the theme of E-Health. They were part of an interdisciplinary and international team with students from Uppsala University and University of Groningen (The Netherlands). The event took place in the creative environment in the Innovation House in the Netherlands embassy in Stockholm. Experienced coaches helped them on the entire journey from problem to accomplished idea.

What they gained

• Experience of working with projects from real life.
• Ability to work as part of an intercultural team.
• Key skills such as, collaborative skills, problem solving and creating ideas.
• Awareness about innovative opportunities.
• Personal and professional networks.
• Attractiveness on the global job market.
• A certificate of participation.

See the GroUp E-health challenge movie here

The agenda for the event is found here

Flyer for additional information

Last modified: 2022-02-11