Cecilia Lindholm

Cecilia Lindholm has a law degree and a PhD in economics from Uppsala University. She has extensive experience in research and teaching within the health care domain, specifically in management control, efficiency, and interorganizational cooperation in health care. In recent years her research has primarily focused on digitalization in health care, with a particular interest in digitalized primary care (online physicians). Cecelia has extensive leadership experience, having held several management positions within academia during the past 20 years.

Her role within EIT Health: 
Cecilia is Head of the Master in Health Care Management program at Uppsala University. She plays a key role in the EIT project: Fostering management and innovation skills for health professionals. This project facilitates the development and launch of a new Master program in Health Care Management, which is a cross-disciplinary degree program co-offered by the Department of Business Studies and the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University. The international partners are Groningen University in the Netherlands and Southeast University in Nanjing, China.