EIT Health Matchmaking Event

EIT Health Matchmaking Event will take place in Uppsala, Sweden, 1-3 February. Read more in this opportunity to kickstart new collaborations as a basis for submission of applications to upcoming EIT Health-calls.

Where:            Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (map)
When:             February 1-3, 2017
Registration:  Closed January 19 (Event fully booked)

Program:        EIT Health Matchmaking Event
Contact:         Moa Fransson, UU Innovation (event)
                        Lia Tseki, EIT Health (registration)

EIT Health Matchmaking Event

This event will put focus on all three EIT Health Pillars – Campus, Innovation and Accelerator – gathering scientists and enterprises for interdisciplinary sessions in order to address various challenges in larger groups of expertise.

By facilitating transdisciplinary discussions, as well as numerous openings for one2one meetings and group sessions, the aim is to kickstart cross-border collaborations within health and innovation, thereby reaching the main goal: to give the participants a head start on current and upcoming EIT Health-calls.

The EIT Health Matchmaking Event will take place in Uppsala Concert & Congress, located near the Uppsala Railway station in the absolute center of the city. Uppsala is easily reached from Arlanda Airport, 36 km south of the city.

Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city with a population of 200 000 inhabitants. Uppsala University, founded in 1477 and EIT Health core partner, is today ranked among the top 100 in the world. The University is a prominent contributor to Uppsala’s mix of unique cultural treasures, knowledge and innovation spirit.

Important dates

Dec 19 2016  EIT Health calls open
Jan 10 2017  Start booking your one2one and round-table discussions
Jan 19 2017  Registration closes