EIT Health UU alumn- Matthew Davis

Who are you, and which EIT Health activity did you participate in?
My name is Matthew Davis, and I'm a PhD student at the department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Uppsala University, Sweden. I participated in the 2018 summer course "Innovation Game".

What was your experience like?
My experience of the course was overwhelmingly positive. Of course it's cliché to say, but meeting and working together with people from different backgrounds was great fun, and I genuinely can't recommend it enough. We were lucky also to be hosted on the Island of Gotland - to which I'd never been - in a beautiful medieval city called Visby during 'medeltids veckan' (a special medieval festival week). Having completed my Master's in innovation that summer, this course was like the icing on the cake, putting my academic knowledge into practice and working on some really interesting real world problems. We also had people join from the local game design school, and industry, which meant we could properly validate our ideas and test their feasibility. Outside of the course, we also bonded really well as a group, hosting barbecues, drinking games, movie nights...truly a summer to remember!

What did you learn?
There were many aspects to the course that I was already familiar with; the lean model canvas, and the design thinking process for example. My biggest take away however, was the MDAO framework, which helps you figure out just how your game should work by exploring the Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics required to achieve your intended Outcomes. 

Who would you recommend to participate in this activity and why?
I think this course is suitable for most people because of its holistic approach; you'll learn everything you need during the two weeks. However, if you have a passion for innovation, and you enjoy coming up with new ideas, then you might get more out of it. You don't have to be a gamer yourself, but it can help!

What unique opportunities can EIT Health offer you?
Becoming a member of the EIT Health alumni and network has opened up a raft of potential career options, funding mechanisms, and travel opportunities; not to mention the fact that I met some great new friends from across Europe in the process. I'd highly recommend it.

Last modified: 2021-10-13