Students award top ratings to Innovation Game


– The set-up of this course is next to perfection, says Moa Fransson, one of the lecturers at Innovation Game, the summer school where students, health care and game designers work together to face one of society's biggest challenges.

The students were exceptionally committed, says course leader Erik Olsson

– I loved the entire course, it really made me think about what I want to do in the future, says one of the students participating in this years Innovation Game, the tailor-made summer school where the challenges of health care meet the unique skills of game developers.
During two weeks in August, multidisciplinary student teams from all over Sweden have faced problems defined by society, and together with representatives of health care, industry and academy created innovative solutions for a healthy lifestyle.
– The set-up of this course is next to perfection. The participants face real challenges based on the actual needs formulated by those who experience them and work purposefully to create solutions that goes the distance. I did not think twice about contributing, and the students I met were very ambitious and worked hard to grasp the tools, says Moa Fransson, business advisor at UU Innovation, who gave a lecture on Innovations and Lean Startup.

Innovation Game, organised by Uppsala University and EIT Health, is executed on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, an exotic and, to a certain extent, isolated environment that serves as both inspiration and opportunity for determined work.
– Being on Gotland, far from family and friends, helped us to quickly become a well-functioning team, and the course leaders definitely managed to appoint enthusiastic lecturers who did everything in their power to deliver the goods, says one of the students.
The program combines teaching with practical teamwork, and several of the stakeholders involved in formulating the challenges faced by the students chose to present them in person.
– Education is one of the single most important common tasks of society today, and now that preventive health efforts are increasingly removed from hospitals onto individuals, efforts like Innovation Game seem even more important. Physicians can define necessary lifestyle changes, but often lack the ability to motivate action. By incorporating game developing skills in engaging target groups, we can inspire both caretakers and health care staff to strive to reach new levels, says Per Matsson, chief technology officer at Thermo Fisher.

At Innovation Game the students get to choose what challenges they want to adress, and this year's efforts came to focus on people suffering from insomnia and how to activate seniors at retirement homes. After two weeks, the groups presented the results of their efforts to a selected group of experts, and the final verdicts were definitely positive.
– The participants were exceptionally committed and worked hard to create sustainable solutions. Our panel was very impressed with the concept of sensors with the potential to combat sleeping problems as well as the idea of children and seniors meeting around games designed to appeal to both groups. Overall I consider this years edition of Innovation Game to be very successful, and receiving top ratings from our students certainly serves as inspiration in our work to come, says course leader Erik Olsson.

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