EIT Label awarded to RECIPE PhD school


EIT has awarded the RECIPE collaborative PhD school the EIT label. ‘This recognition inspires us even further in providing our PhD students with the broadest possible understanding of the challenges of antimicrobial resistance’, says Linus Sandegren, senior lecturer in Medical Bacteriology and member of the management group for Uppsala Antibiotic Center.

Linus Sandegren, Ymkje Stienstra and Olof Lindahl of the RECIPE-organization

EIT has awarded the EIT label to Research and Entrepreneurship Combining Innovation with PhD Education (RECIPE), a collaborative PhD school jointly organized by Uppsala University (SE) and the University of Groningen (NL). RECIPE, with a focus on antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, received highest possible score from the EIT review team, emphasizing the innovative and excellent potential of the programme.
– The EIT label is a certificate of quality for programmes that combine excellent scientific education with innovation och entrepreneurship training, and EIT Health is very committed to support Uppsala University and the University of Groningen in implementing RECIPE and to build on this excellent start, says Ursula Mühle, director of Education, EIT Health.

RECIPE will greet students with a cross-disciplinary environment, accelerating healthcare progress through international mobility and close interaction and co-creation with public and private partners, thus forming a new generation of health innovators within the scientific field of antibiotic research.
– Being awarded this quality mark, recognizing that RECIPE is now part of the EIT Health network and in line with the high standards set by EIT for education, innovation and entrepreneurship, gives great value and support for our future work to make this international research school successful says Olof Lindahl, assistant professor in Business Studies at Uppsala University.

Antibiotic resistance is a rapidly expanding global problem, requiring a diversity of scientific disciplines to control. RECIPE will address the challenge in close collaboration with the research schools at Uppsala Antibiotic Center and Groningen Pronkjewail, two vibrant research environments supporting in total 30 PhD students.
– We are set on a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach, gathering both scientists and public and private partners to empower our students with uniquely tailored tools and competences to intervene, implement and commercialize solutions and products to reduce the burden of infections, says Ymkje Stienstra, professor and program coordinator for Pronkjewail.
The EIT review team emphasize in its evaluation that antimicrobial resistance is key for society to tackle quickly and that Uppsala University and the University of Groningen has provided the resources and planning needed to achieve success – and conclude by stating that the RECIPE PhD program is exactly the type of initiative that EIT was created to foster and support!

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