EIT Health invites incorporated SMEs to submit Digital Sandbox applications


Registered companies can apply for a maximum amount of 35.000 Euro in a new EIT Health accelerator call. The call is piloting a "Digital Sandbox" initiative aiming to strengthen cooperation between small companies in Europe and quality registers/biobanks. Deadline for the first call is 15 September.

The main purpose of the EIT Health Digital Sandbox Programme is to enable the leveraging of the ‘’Health Data Business’’ area, by supporting SMEs in realizing next steps towards the development of relevant products and services through the involvement of, and collaboration with, Biobanks, Sample Holders and Quality Registers, in Europe.

The activities could include:

  • Data access and data exploitation
  • Completion/acquisition of necessary ethical approval(s)
  • Development of necessary guidelines (applicable according to needs and context of collaborations)
  • Understanding and complying with requirements pertaining to adherence to Biobanks/Registers guidelines
  • Proof of concept, validation and development
  • Preparation work for subsequent participation to EIT Health programmes such as Headstart (Commercialisation), European Health Catapult (Business plan competition) and mainly Innovation Projects  

Important KPIs here is to increase number of projects within EIT Health who collaborate with healthcare, who are internalized into clinical practice on a broad term and show both improved quality and reduced costs within healthcare. Furthermore new knowledge, improved working routines within sample holders, biobanks and registers are also within the scope of targeted goals.

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Digital Sandbox Programme – Biobanks and Quality Registers


Elisabet Gullberg, Business advisor
Uppsala University Innovation

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