Testa Challenge 2020


Looking for an industrial verification environment for your innovative bioprocess technology? Welcome to Testa, one of EIT Healths living labs.

Picture from www.testacenter.com

Having access to a relevant verification environment in bio production is a limiting factor for many technological / digital innovations. Raising enough capital to perform a live test in an industrial process can be a challenge for start-ups and researchers, which puts pressure to reach set milestones.

Therefore, at Testa Center, we open our laboratories this fall for a week, both for academic and commercial innovators in the technical or digital field who would have the potential to increase the efficiency or quality of a bioprocess workflow. This unique challenge allows participants to integrate and verify their innovation in an authentic and validated bioprocess run.

Deadline: June 15th, 2020 at 22.00 CET
More information and how to apply found here: Testa Challenge

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