EIT Health UU alumn- Nora Euler

Who are you, and which EIT Health activity did you participate in?
My name is Nora Euler and I am a 24-year old master student in Applied Biotechnology at Uppsala University. I participated in the course Health innovation and Entrepreneurship in Practice in summer of 2019. 

What was your experience like?
The course was intensive and a lot of fun! There was a lot of communication between students and the teachers and everyone was very engaged! I can genuinely say that this course was one of my absolute favourite courses during my academic studies! 

What did you learn?
I learned a lot about entrepreneurship! Prior to the course, the most I knew about entrepreneurship was from the famous British TV-show Dragons' Den. After taking this course, I can with confidence say that I have the basic tools and understanding of what entrepreneurship is and different methods such as conducting interviews, idea generation, the iterative process of reassessing ideas and how to evaluate ideas among many other vital tools. A lot of the skills we learned are applicable not only to entrepreneurship but to everyday life. 

Who would you recommend to participate in this activity and why?
I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is really interested in entrepreneurship and perhaps dream of one day starting their own business. This course will provide you some vital tools and help you prevent making some of the most common mistakes, which I would admittedly probably have done if I started a business without taking this course. What makes this course different from many other courses within entrepreneurship is the hands-on training of the course and the personal feedback every step of the way. 

What unique opportunities can EIT Health offer you?
EIT Health has a lot of interesting courses! If you have a great interest in innovation and health sciences, I would highly recommend taking a look at their website for more information of different courses!