Experience music at Uppsala University

Uppsala offers a rich variety of musical experiences to audiences and participants alike. There are choirs and orchestras in different music genres.


Uppsala University has its own symphony orchestra since 1627 called the Royal Academic Orchestra. The orchestra consists mainly of students and staff at the university. You can hear the orchestra on its home stage in the Uppsala University Grand Auditorium. If you want to play in the orchestra, you are welcome to apply at the beginning of each fall term.

Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra is a permanent big band active in several concert projects every year, both at the university and for a general public. The orchestra's concerts range stylistically from classical big band repertoire to contemporary compositions and originals. Spring and fall concerts are usually held in the Uppsala University Grand Auditorium and the traditional Christmas concert at a church in Uppsala city centre.

The Royal Academic Orchestra playing in the Grand Auditorium


Male choir Orphei Drängar singing on the steps to the University Library

One of Uppsala's probably best known choirs is Orphei Drängar (OD), which you can hear, for instance, on Carolina Rediviva's stairs on Walpurgis Eve. The choir started in 1853 – in the time of cholera. An epidemic had erupted and Uppsala was isolated because of the risk of infection. On 30 October, some students gathered in a banquet hall at Gamla Torget to relieve the boredom by singing and the choir was born. 

Other choirs in Uppsala

Last modified: 2021-05-18