In the first decades of the 20th century, Polacksbacken was employed as a site for barracks and exercise grounds by the Uppland Regiment. The current barracks were raised in 1909-1912, from a design by the architect Victor Bodin. Next to the exercise grounds, there was a dance pavilion for recruits and regular soldiers. In 1957, I8 was disbanded and the Signal Regiment S1 moved into their former barracks. The Swedish Armed Forces vacated the premises in 1982. Instead, Polacksbacken was converted into a university area.

The old regiment buildings now house the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, referred to as the Information Technology Centre (ITC). Previously, the Department of Mathematics also resided in the office block, known as the Mathematics and Information Technology Centre (MIC) at the time.

The Ångström Laboratory is also located on the old drilling grounds since the end of the 1990’s, and houses the departments of mathematics, physics, technology, as well as some parts of the department of chemistry. Next to the large barracks lies Uthgård, the union building for UTN (Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students).

At the onset of every autumn term, Polacksbacken is where all new students of computer sciences and technology are received, among others. For several years, the River Festival has been held in this area during the last week of April, as the majority of the contestant boats for the River Rafting are constructed here.