Robert Bárány

Robert Bárány (1876–1936) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine 1914for his work on the physiology and pathology of the vestibular apparatus”.

Robert BárányRobert Bárány got his Doctor’s degree in Vienna 1900 and studied neuropsychiatry in Freiburg. Back in Vienna he was appointed demonstrator at the otology clinic (ear clinic) where he followed up earlier theories on physiology and conditions of the inner ear and vestibular system.

For this research he was awarded the 1914 Nobel Prize in Medicine. When Bárány received the news of the prize he was in a Russian prison camp after having served as a doctor in the Austrian army during World War I. Not until 1916 could he receive his Nobel Prize.

In 1917 he came to Sweden where he worked as a physicist at Uppsala University. Bárány was in 1926 appointed Professor and Director of the otology department at Uppsala University, the current professorship for otolaryngology.

Robert Bárány and Uppsala University today

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