Inauguration of new Vice-Chancellor 2020

On 18 December, 15:00–16:30, Uppsala University inaugurated a new Vice-Chancellor. Current Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson handed over the duties of her office to Anders Hagfeldt at a traditional succession ceremony in the Grand Auditorium. Due to the pandemic, the ceremony was held without a live audience, but was available for viewers on this page. On the day before, 17 December, there was a livestreamed farewell ceremony for the outgoing Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

The succession ceremony at Uppsala University is a traditional and solemn occasion. The Royal Academic Orchestra performs, the outgoing Vice-Chancellor gives a parting speech and the new Vice-Chancellor holds a programmatic address. In addition, outgoing Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg will be thanked and incoming Deputy Vice-Chancellor Coco Norén will be welcomed. 

But above all, there is the ceremonial inauguration of the new Vice-Chancellor. This solemn transfer of the office of Vice-Chancellor at Uppsala University has hardly changed over the centuries. At the ceremony, the outgoing Vice-Chancellor still hands over the same objects – the ‘insignia of office’, symbolising power and responsibility – to their successor: the sceptres, the seal, the Vice-Chancellor’s chain of office, the keys, the oldest student register and the University’s charters from 1655. 

Eva Åkesson and Anders Malmberg have let it be known that they would prefer not to receive any personal leaving gifts, but welcome contributions to Uppsala University’s international scholarship fund. 

Speeches during the succession ceremony

Valedictory Lecture by Eva Åkesson: On Time: Measuring a Moment

Anders Hagfeldt: Tribute to outgoing Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson

Inaugural Address by incoming Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt

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