Internationalisation in research

Uppsala University aims to strengthen its position as a leading international research university and the University will attract the most qualified academic staff from all over the world.

Uppsala University will:

  • Strengthen Uppsala University’s position as an attractive, well-known and world-leading research environment
  • Recruit the most qualified academic staff
  • Develop institutional relationships with the most prominent international research environments
  • Increase international funding of research

Research at Uppsala University

Support for international researchers and staff

Euraxess logo.The University’s International Faculty and Staff Services offer support to international researchers and staff. This includes information about working conditions, welcoming events and social activities.

Uppsala University is also a member of the EU network EURAXESS with the purpose of promoting mobility and development of researchers in the EU.

International Science Programme

Uppsala University started the International Science Programme (ISP) in 1961, with the purpose of providing support to low and lower-middle income countries’ research environments and postgraduate education. Primarily in the subjects chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Programme for visiting professors

The operational plan for 2017 establishes that funds are to be assigned to a new programme for visiting professors. If a visiting professor is employed within the programme, 50 per cent of the cost is covered by common funds up to a maximum of SEK 300,000 per year and visiting professor, for up to three years. Contact person for the visiting professor programme is Joakim Löfkvist.

NIAS logo

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

The NIAS (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies) is an independent Nordic research and resource centre focused on social sciences. More than 20 Nordic universities and research centres are members of the institute. Contact at Uppsala University: Lars Hagborg.

Collège de France logo

Collège de France

A special exchange agreement between Collège de France and Uppsala University offers annual opportunities for guest researcher exchanges. Contact at Uppsala University: Mats Rosengren (scientific matters), Margaretha Andersson (administrative matters)

EU coordinators

EU coordinators and research secretaries: A support function for researchers to provide an overview of available funding options, to guide them through the application process and to help them administer complex projects which often involve collaboration both with other universities and external parties. Contact the Faculty Offices

Last modified: 2022-05-17