Career Development

Highly trained and motivated staff are essential for achieving excellence in research and education. Professional development is therefore of great importance at Uppsala University.

While offering employees support and encouragement is one of the manager’s primary tasks, employees themselves must take responsibility for their personal qualifications and self-development.

At Uppsala University professional development is offered by several divisions and offices. Please see the list below for further information:

Courses in educational development and e-learning

Individual Career Coaching

International Staff Training

Career portal for students and doctoral students

Junior Faculty

My role as an employee at a state-run university
As an employee of Swedish universities and colleges, you are a government employee. This means you bear special responsibility towards citizens, but also that certain laws and regulations affect you. This on-line training course focuses on the things that make your place of work different to others and is intended to help you feel secure in your role as a government employee. The course is offered by the Division of Contract education and is easily reached if you are logged on to mp (Medarbetarportalen). Click "EN" for the English version to your top right.