Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016–2020

Uppsala University stands well equipped to meet the challenges of the future. Research carried out here helps us to understand our society, makes the world a better place and makes life easier for many people – research that provides new perspectives on fundamental scientific issues and knowledge that contributes to environmental sustainability, human health and the development of society.

Our complete academic environment and strong educational tradition give us the courage to try out new paths. The University defends the long-term pursuit of knowledge to add to the collective learning of humanity and to global development. Research proceeds both from the major challenges facing society and from issues intrinsic to the field of enquiry. At the same time, research goes hand in hand with education and collaboration with the external community. Academic excellence, openness and social benefit are mutually reinforcing.

In Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016–2020 we formulate strategies that create good conditions for quality and renewal in the long term. The strategies are part of the University’s input to the Government’s 2016 research bill. The document follows up and deepens the objectives and main lines of research strategy expressed in Uppsala University: Mission and Core Values.

The strategies describe existing strong research areas in which we have conducted major initiatives in recent years. We also identify new challenge-led research undertakings where our broad expertise can contribute to new knowledge. Uppsala University has the will and the determination to drive progress for the benefit of individuals and society.


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