Success factors for a broad research university

Uppsala University is a regional, national and international meeting place for knowledge, culture and critical dialogue. The University’s strategies for research and higher education are based on a tradition of scholarly excellence, the idea of social benefit and the potential of a full-scale university to bring expertise and actors together in new combinations. We uphold quality, breadth and equal opportunities. These are essential conditions for continuing to develop with ambition and integrity and successfully attracting the best researchers, teachers and students.

Particular emphasis is given to four factors for success:

  • Researchers personally define the content of their research on the basis of current scholarly and social challenges. New perspectives are identified to address the most interesting and challenging questions in the field.
  • A strong financial base makes it possible to set strategic priorities and mobilise joint efforts.
  • The University’s management stands ready – and has a mandate – to recognise new, emerging areas of scholarly inquiry, and to create space for them. Special resources are channelled to these areas.
  • Complete academic environments with critical mass are created where people are given an opportunity to grow in expertise and maturity as natural members of the international scholarly community. Education is a natural and integral part of the University’s scholarly environments.