Quality Assurance and Enhancement at Uppsala University

Quality assurance and enhancement at Uppsala University will

  • safeguard and promote the quality of education and research
  • emanate from and strengthen the academic and collegial culture
  • be transparent, effective and efficient

The goals for Uppsala University's quality work are set out in the document Mission, Goals and Strategies.

Uppsala University's quality system

The figure visualises the University’s quality system for research and education and its components. Click on a specific component for more information.

Academic environments Goals and strategies Organisation and responsibilities Skills and careers Support and infrastructure Academic integrity Peer review and examinations Reviews and evaluations Actions and follow-up Renewal

The University's core values – quality culture, collegiality, academic freedom and student participation – form the basis and the environments in which teaching and research are conducted form the pillar in the middle. It is in these environments – in departments, research groups, teaching teams, and courses and programmes – that the practical work on quality is carried out. Around the pillar there are supportive structures for quality enhancement and quality assurance in the form of nine components.

Last modified: 2022-12-12