Courses and seminars

Uppsala University arranges a broad range of courses on teaching and learning in higher education, leadership training initiatives, and other activities that inspire, support and educate our staff. Courses, consultations and seminars provide teachers and leaders with opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions and are as such important nodes for exchanging experiences.

Academic teacher training course for teachers

The academic teacher training course runs over a five-week period and is offered several times each term in both Swedish- and English-language versions. Around four hundred members of the University’s teaching staff attend the course every year. The course covers basic theoretical aspects of academic teaching and learning as well as practical, hands-on issues regarding planning and conducting teaching and assessment. The course is also offered as an online distance-learning course.

Staff portal: Courses in educational development

Extensive continuing professional development opportunities

A wide array of specialised courses are arranged to complement the academic teacher training course. Teaching staff can select courses that hone their skills in activating teaching methods, assessment techniques and effective feedback, case methodology and writing, presenting research to a broader audience, supervising PhD candidates, online teaching, using audio and video in teaching and learning activities, inclusive and norm-critical teaching, and more. There is also an advanced course for experienced teachers to develop their skills in teaching and learning in higher education. Browse the course offerings!

Individual coaching and support is also available for teachers, for example at the open workshop sessions held at 14:00 every Wednesday of the semester at the experimental classroom at Campus Blåsenhus.

Inspiring lunchtime seminar sessions for the exchange of experiences

A series of lunchtime seminars on themes related to teaching and learning are arranged every semester in the experimental classroom at Campus Blåsenhus. The seminars are open to all university staff members, and participants from Campus Gotland can attend via video linkup.

The seminar content can be quite varied, though the central focus is always on the exchange of experience as teachers present and discuss their teaching development efforts. These discussions can cover such topics as allocation of resources, best practice regarding ITC-based teaching and learning, copyright issues related to teaching, current debate on teaching and learning, international issues and more. The seminar tradition stretches back to the beginning of this millennium, with the total number of sessions arranged since the start approaching 200.


The regular courses are supplemented by opportunities for arranging tailor-made activities or full courses on demand. These include existing courses in leadership or academic teacher training, but courses or course packages are also adapted for particular departments’ needs. Staff from various central and local hubs are often involved as lecturers, advisers and dialogue partners at teachers’ events and in other contexts.


Uppsala University’s leadership investments are part of the comprehensive quality assurance and enhancement work, and aim to strengthen leaders in their roles so they can create positive workplaces and creative environments.

The University offers extended programmes, courses and seminars for research group leaders from different specialisations. As part of the leadership development, supervision and career coaching are also offered. 

The University’s management programme is compulsory for serving and acting heads of department, and is open to anyone with leadership responsibilities. 


Uppsala University holds course evaluation seminars for directors of studies, teachers, course administrators and students.

The purpose of these course evaluation seminars is to inform about and encourage work on course evaluations at departments and faculties. The seminars deal with guidelines and recommendations, formative and summative course evaluations, areas that evaluations can address, implementation, course reports and more. In addition, the participants’ own questions and reflections on course evaluations are discussed.


Uppsala University has designed two leadership programmes for international collaborations, together with °NUAS° and °U4. NUAS is part of a Nordic collaboration that aims to strengthen the universities in the Nordic countries. It is the role of Uppsala University to run and oversee leadership development, with focus on issues surrounding leadership and quality. U4 is a collaboration between the universities in Ghent, Groningen, Göttingen and Uppsala. This programme is targeted at higher management levels, and aims to develop and share knowledge and experience of international trends, problems and solutions.

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Last modified: 2021-01-19