Uppsala University Student Barometer

For the first time, in autumn 2018, a survey will be sent to all students at Uppsala University with the purpose of quality development. The main focus of the survey is on learning and will, among other things, serve as a background material in educational evaluations. A pilot study was conducted in 2017, which included students in the courses included in the pilot round of the university's new education evaluation system.

Research environment

Uppsala University has conducted a questionnaire directed at teachers, researchers and doctoral students, with focus on academic values and the inner life of research environments. The questionnaires form part of the research evaluation Quality and Renewal 2017 (Q&R17). The questionnaire results, along with a bibliometric analysis, served as a basis for the self-evaluation work included in the research evaluation. The results are presented in the final report of the research evaluation.

Doctoral students and doctoral alumni

Studies of doctoral students and alumni with PhDs are carried out with the intention of providing documentation for quality enhancement of the University’s postgraduate study programmes. Previous studies were finished in 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2016, every individual department or faculty received results summarised in a report. In the latest study of PhD education questionnaires were sent to PhD students, supervisors and PhD alumnis to get more perspectives and experiences of PhD educations at Uppsala University. 

Alumni studies at basic, advanced and postgraduate level

Alumni studies give staff in charge of subjects and programmes information about how their former students look back on their education at Uppsala University, a few years after graduating and in the light of their job experience. They also give the staff in charge an idea of the alumni´s position at the labour market. The studies address alumni from basic, advanced and postgraduate education. Before the questionnaire to the PhD alumni, a study was made for former students with a degree at advanced level, ‘First Out: An alumni study of the first annual cohorts from the new one- and two-year study programmes at Lund and Uppsala University’ (Conclusion and summary in English).

Other surveys and reports

At various levels in Uppsala University, other surveys and reports are also being done to support quality work in education and research. Studies and reports from the Unit for Quality and Evaluation on quality in higher education and research, international master programmes and problems connected with examination procedures have, for example, been carried out and summarised.

For more information about surveys and reports, contact Maria Björnermark or Camilla Maandi.

Last modified: 2021-01-19