Continual skills development for leaders is vital for creating world-leading research and high quality education. To emphasise the importance of development for our leaders and groups, Uppsala University offers a wide range of training initiatives and various forms of consultative support.


Leadership focuses on guiding organisations or groups of people toward common goals. High demands are placed on individuals and groups who lead research and education. Uppsala University offers incentives such as careers support, supervision, leadership programmes and group development to create positive and creative learning and research environments.

As part of the leadership development, Uppsala University offers programmes for both junior and senior research group leaders. In 2018, a new careers centre has been created to support researchers, give a clearer overview of career paths, and stimulate research collaborations.

Uppsala University’s management programme is compulsory for serving and acting heads of department, and is open to anyone with leadership responsibilities. The programme intends to provide participants with increased knowledge of the responsibility and powers a leadership position entails, as well as laws and regulations that apply at the University.


Uppsala University offers leaders counselling and coaching. This might mean clarifying and interpreting the task, as well as management structures and frameworks. It offers the opportunity to discuss the leadership role, personal conditions, driving forces, and possibilities or obstacles in relation to the role and the task.

The University also offers career development meetings for employees, with the aim of providing support for individual development and increased participation.


Uppsala University provides arenas for networks to create the conditions for positive work environments, knowledge development and interdisciplinary research. Network and mentorship are effective ways of exchanging individual experience and learning. Regular network meetings and seminars are organised to encourage collaboration.

Last modified: 2021-01-19