Teaching and learning

Learning can be defined in multiple ways - to expand and develop knowledge, to understand, to shift perspective and to change and develop as an individual. Learning is propagated at the University in the meeting between student and teacher in teaching and learning activities. These meetings are based on the same tenets as scientific research: curiosity and an openness to ideas, a critical approach and systematic review of hypothesis, method and conclusions. Our academic teaching is under constant development in the same fashion as our research.

Programme for teaching and learning

The quality and development of the teaching arranged at the University is the joint responsibility of both teacher and student, as clearly reflected in the Programme for Teaching and Learning which was adapted in 2018. In order to enable the best possible conditions for nurturing a world-class teaching and learning environment there is a constant and ongoing process of educational development at Uppsala University. This entails a focus on the conditions for student´s learning, constant development of educational programmes, method and environment, professional development in academic teaching and learning and subject didactics and an emphasis on the legitimacy of teaching in terms of career development for academics.

E-learning at Uppsala University

One area of teaching that is currently undergoing particularly rapid development is the use of digital tools and resources for both campus and distance courses.

A series of measures to further develop e-learning at Uppsala University were presented in spring 2015. Priorities include the digital teaching environment and the dissemination of knowledge and experience among the University’s teachers.

Last modified: 2021-02-22