The Quality Advisory Board

The Quality Advisory Board advises the Vice-Chancellor on issues of university-wide quality management. Its mission encompasses quality enhancement and quality assurance in all parts of the University’s activities, including research, education, collaboration and the administrative processes that support these.

The Board's main responsibilities include:

  • Raising and pursuing fundamental quality issues in the activities of Uppsala University, maintaining continual dialogue with authorities and decision-makers responsible for quality issues and when necessary, suggesting actions for the Vice-Chancellor to take.
  • Contributing to the exchange of knowledge and experience on quality matters between the different parts of the University.
  • Shaping, following up and implementing Uppsala University’s Programme for Quality Management and associated action plans.
  • Giving feedback in connection with external quality evaluations at the university level.
  • Working as steering committee or reference group in major university-wide evaluations or other quality development projects.
  • Following developments in the area of quality management at national and international level.

Members of the Quality Advisory Board