Quality assurance

Teaching and learning

All learning springs from encounters with new experience and knowledge. The University brings teachers and students together in teaching, which builds on the same tenets as research: curiosity and openness to new ideas, combined with a critical approach and systematic review of arguments, methods and conclusions. Our teaching is therefore in a constant state of development, just like our research.

Teaching quality is a joint responsibility of teachers and students. To provide the best possible conditions for shaping world-class education, teaching is under constant development at Uppsala University.

A focus on the conditions for students’ learning, constant development of education, continuous improvement in teaching skills for teachers, and an emphasis on the value of teaching for career progression are key aspects of quality assurance and enhancement.

One area of teaching that is currently undergoing particularly rapid development is the use of digital tools and resources for both campus and distance courses.

A series of measures for further development of e-learning at Uppsala University were presented in spring 2015. Priorities include the digital teaching environment and the dissemination of knowledge and experience among the University’s teachers.