ʻE-learning’ is an umbrella term for all contexts in which digital resources and tools are used in teaching to support students’ learning. In order for e-learning to be considered a central element in quality work, the novel use of technology must spring from educational analysis and reflection. At Uppsala University, intensive and rapid development is taking place in the area of e-learning.


A new LMS and professional development for faculty

Uppsala University has procured a new learning management system (LMS) that will replace the present centrally managed learning systems: Gotland's Moodle, Ping Pong and Studentportalen.

Read more about the new learning management system.

Distance teaching

Uppsala University’s many distance courses attract thousands of students every term. For some, distance courses are their first contact with the University. For many others they offer opportunities for in-service training and in-depth study alongside employment.


To enable the long-term development of e-learning, a series of initiatives have been taken to further refine e-learning at Uppsala University. Proposals include the introduction of a new teaching platform and a wide-ranging initiative to enhance teachers’ skills development.

New learning spaces

The educational environment on campus is under constant development to meet the University’s needs and requirements. The aim is to offer learning environments that are fit for purpose, stimulating, and the University finds necessary, useful and suitable. 

Learning systems

Uppsala University is engaged in strategic work using IT as a tool in research and education. A range of central and local systems offer support for learning and study administration.

Last modified: 2021-01-19