Learning systems at Uppsala University

Uppsala University provides several systems to meet educational needs at various levels and of diverse kinds. The digital learning environment is under constant development. Continuous work is being done to offer reliable resources, fit for purpose and based on users’ demands and wishes.

Besides the central systems, a number of other resources are used in the teaching, some of which are presented here.


So far, the University’s Student Portal, has been the central system for study administration and teaching. The system is self-developed and offers numerous functions and services that facilitate teaching and communication between teachers and students. For example, the teachers can report results via Student Portal directly into Ladok.

A new learning management system, Studium, is currently being introduced. Studium will be the university’s digital platform for teaching and will replace the current systems and parts of systems that serve this function today. Studium will be based on one of the largest international learning platforms. Read more about the project: “New learning management system at Uppsala University”.

For more information, please contact info-elarande@uadm.uu.se.


Zoom is the University’s central e-meeting tool, free of charge for all employees. The system is used in the teaching, primarily on distance courses, but also on campus courses for collaboration using shared drawings, supervision, presentations etc.

The University provides video conferencing facilities at various campus areas. Video conferencing is used in teaching, research and administration, and the equipment can be used by all staff members free of charge aside from payment, if any, for the hire of premises.


Scalable Learning is developed to help students and teachers adopt a modern way of working in higher education, with strong evidence for improved study results. Students prepare course modules with interactive and social course material on the Internet. Teachers analyse and give feedback on results and online discussions to bring about shared active learning in the classroom.

For more information, contact David Black Schaffer.

Video portal

The Medfarm Play video portal is being developed by MedfarmDoIT in the University’s Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. Here, employees themselves can post and administer video films, which can be made freely accessible or shown only to students and staff who have logged in.

For more information, contact MedfarmDoIT

Digital examination

Forms of examination with digital support have long existed at the University. For example, there are presentations in computer rooms or by means of e-meeting tools, tests corrected automatically or by teachers, and digital management of submission details and tests carried out at home. Like many other higher education institutions, the University is now on the brink of introducing e-exams, i.e. examinations carried out in digital rooms.

Since 2010, the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy has used e-exams in its own system developed in-house, OpenExam Online. A writing room with 150 laptop computers is equipped for e-exams at the Uppsala Biomedical Centre. In the past year, departments outside the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy have also been enabled to use OpenExam.


MedfarmDoIT, at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, has developed a tool known as ‘Kurt’ for carrying out questionnaire surveys, course evaluations, applications and self-tests online. Kurt can be used in, for example, course and term evaluations, supervisors’ questionnaire surveys, applications to attend seminars and meetings, self-tests in conjunction with lectures, and other types of survey.

The Student Portal, the University’s central system for study administration and teaching, is also used for course evaluations, applications, questionnaires and various types of test.

Last modified: 2021-01-19