The merit value of teaching

The University shall provide different forms of support to all teaching staff members that aspire, with the help of colleagues and students, to develop the role of the teacher, teaching and learning activities, and quality learning environments, including e-learning.

Karin Apelgren, Head of the Student Affairs and Academic Registry Division, Uppsala University, says:

’The University needs good and dedicated teachers both right now and in the future! The value of appreciating and employing a teacher’s pedagogic competence cannot be understated when it comes to the quality of the education and of future development. “The Value of Teaching Qualifications” is also one of the four core objectives presented in the program for Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University.’

At the same time, skills in academic teaching, pedagogic talent, and the capacity to contribute to pedagogic excellence shall also have a clear meritorious impact for positions which include pedagogic activities.

‘… This is a question” Apelgren continues, “of demonstrating, evaluating and rewarding pedagogic merits. Uppsala University has, as have many other Swedish universities, introduced a specific system where teachers can apply for the title of Excellent Teacher, in order to reward and highlight skilled teachers.

Pedagogic prowess is about the quality of a teacher’s work, and thus not (just) about quantity. At the same time, it is not enough simply to be skilled in the act of teaching, that is, in the classroom situation; in order to be a skilled and well-merited teacher, one must have a holistic view of the entire teaching and learning situation, to plan and realize teaching on the basis of theoretic competence and proven experience. Simply put, to have a scientific and explorative approach to one´s teaching.’

Last modified: 2021-01-19