Quality assurance

Current activities

A variety of seminars, courses, projects, evaluations and other initiatives provide faculty, students, and staff with knowledge and skills that stimulate and contribute to the development of research and teaching at the University.

New research evaluation - Quality and renewal 2017 (Q&R17)

We have now completed a new university-wide research evaluation at Uppsala University – Quality and Renewal 2017 (Q&R17). Q&R17 has a different focus than its predecessors (Q&R07 and Q&R11). This time, the preconditions and processes underpinning quality within the University's research environments will be brought to the fore. While the focus will differ to some extent, as previously the process will involve self-evaluations, bibliometric analysis and external expert evaluation. One new component is a written survey focusing on the research environment, to be distributed to researchers, lecturers and PhD  students.

New model for educational evaluation

On 25 October 2016 the Vice-Chancellor approved Uppsala University’s model for educational evaluations. Uppsala University’s educational evaluations aim to promote education of the highest national and international quality.

“It’s very pleasing and positive that Uppsala University is now introducing a cohesive, locally rooted model for systematic educational evaluations. Naturally, many good initiatives have been carried out previously to ensure and improve the quality of education at the University, but with this model, we’re raising the level of aspiration and making it more systematic,” says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg.

The model is based on both external and internal reviews. The external review ensures the university’s programmes are subject to independent review and can be compared with equivalent programmes at other higher education institutions. The internal review by a colleague from another faculty helps to call into question things that may be taken for granted in a certain subject area and enhances the exchange of knowledge and experiences across the University overall. Teachers, students and doctoral students participate in the evaluations. The model is decentralised and is based on the responsibilty of disciplinary domain and faculty boards’ for ensuring and improving quality, which allows the model to be moulded and adapted to suit local conditions. The model integrates ongoing quality enhancement procedures and annual follow-ups with educational evaluations every six years to form a whole that supports and stimulates quality assurance and enhancement.

Read more about the background and the model

Want to learn more? Please contact Åsa Kettis or Maria Wolters at the Division for Quality Enhancement.

A new LMS and professional development for faculty

Uppsala University has procured a new learning management system (LMS). The new system Blackboard will replace the present centrally managed learning systems: Gotland's Moodle, Ping Pong and Studentportalen.

The introduction of the new system will be accompanied by an e-learning skills development initiative for teachers at the University. Teachers who will be teaching within the new learning management system during autum 2018 will have access to the system during spring 2018 for posting and planning courses.

The appointed project group as well as the steering group both have all disciplinary domains represented.

Read more about the project's background

Work is also in progress on digital examinations. A special working group has identified needs, and systems and routines are being developed for dealing with technology, security, premises and other issues.

If you have any questions, please contact info-elarande@uadm.uu.se

Cooperation on supervisor training with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda

From 2015 to 2020 the Division for Quality Enhancement is working with Makerere University in a project funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) - Strengthening Quality Assurance initiatives for relevance and optimal productivity at Makerere University and the parnering public universities.

The main objective is to develop training for doctoral supervisors. The first course was given at Makerere in the autumn of 2016 by two Swedish trainers. The course was evaluated jointly by trainers from Uppsala and from Makerere, so that improvements were incorporated into future courses.

Supervisor training will be offered once every semester, with the gradual phasing out of the Swedish trainers.

The project is part of a larger bilateral cooperation prioject and coordinated by the International Science Programme (ISP)

For more information, please contact Åsa Kettis, asa.kettis@uadm.uu.se, 070-425 03 30