Training development support for Swedish authorities


Swedish public authorities, such as the Swedish National Audit Office (NAO) and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning,  have extensive training and competence-enhancement missions, which in turn requires skilled planners, facilitators and quality assurance.

The unit for Academic Teaching and Learning has accepted invitations to provide consultative support in order to enhance the quality of training programmes and the trainers engaged in facilitating these. This includes an extensive support mission on behalf of the NAO to develop programme content and train local trainers within the AFROSAI-E, the organisation for Supreme Auditing Authorities in 26 African countries. Similar missions to support local training development in Cambodia, Afghanistan and other NAO partners, as well as to train Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff and representatives from SIFA in Case-methodology and effective training facilitation, have been completed or are in the pipeline.

For information please contact Geir Gunnlaugsson,

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