EUA Thematic Peer Group on the Internationalisation of teaching and learning


Representatives from Uppsala Universities Unit for Academic Teaching and learning participate in the European University Association EUA 2019 Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Group on the Internationalisation of teaching and learning.

“This group will explore how institutions can utilise internationalisation as a way to enhance their education    provision.    This    may    encompass    institutional    strategies    for    incorporating internationalisation   in   programme   and   curriculum   design   including   pedagogic/educational aspects, as well as the value added for student experience and professional development of staff members. Furthermore,  the  group  will  look into  how  to  overcome  challenges  internationalisation may  pose  for  learning  and  teaching,  such  as  the  need  to  adapt  teaching  to  the  cultural  and linguistic contexts of students.” (EAU group brief)

The workshop series is arranged at three of the group´s participating universities during 2019. The works will result in a EUA report on key recommendations for higher education institutions on the theme as well as a contribution to future EUA trends reporting. The Uppsala delegation is led by the Head of Unit Ulrika Svalfors.

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