Coimbra Group CHINLONE project Myanmar higher education staff competence enhancement


The Coimbra Group is committed to contributing to the modernisation and internationalisation of Myanmar's Higher Education System in order to facilitate the country's transition toward a knowledge economy.

As a member of the Group, Uppsala University provides consultative support for Myanmar Higher Education Institutions to reinforce their capacity for their staff members to design programs, teach, and produce innovative knowledge with a clear student-learning outcome orientation. As a part of this development programme process Coimbra Group university representatives will arrange a training series for Myanmar HEI staff in Yangon in July 2019. Staff members from Uppsala´s Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning will contribute with two training themes, on establishing support for academic teaching staff and strategic teaching staff competence enhancement, and on student-activating teaching and learning activities.

More information on the CHINLONE project can be found on the project website . If you are curious about Uppsala´s contribution, please contact educational developer Geir Gunnlaugsson.

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