Sustainable development at Uppsala University

Uppsala University aspires to a leading role in the transition to a more sustainable society. The education and research we conduct translate into new knowledge, better technology, improvements in the organisation of society and changed patterns of behaviour. The University will also contribute to sustainable development in its own activities. This requires us to set an example in the management of finite resources and to actively address the climate impact of our own activities. 

The above paragraph is from the foreword of Uppsala University’s Mission & Core Values

Graduate School in Sustainable Development

Uppsala University Multidisciplinary Graduate School in Sustainable Development is based at Campus Gotland. Eight departments from the University are collaborating on five research projects. Twelve PhDs are working in the projects that started in January 2021.

Research projects

  • Sustainable destination development.
  • Gotland’s sustainable energy system transition: resources, demand and planning. 
  • Fisheries and coastal development in a small island context – the past, present and future.
  • Getting the balance right - Applying legislation when seeking a balance between energy transition and the conservation of cultural values. 
  • Digital innovation for sustainable consumption. 

The Director of the Graduate School is Jenny Helin, Senior lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Business Studies

Five researchers in sustainable development

Ulrika Persson-FischierUlrika Persson-Fischier

Ulrika Persson-Fischier works at the Department of Engineering Sciences and conducts research into sustainability, tourism and visitor trade, entrepreneurship and culture. She is part of ‘Sustainable Visits’ at Uppsala University’s campus on the island of Gotland where she researches visitor trade and sustainability in the Case Gotland project.

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Mats MålqvistMats Målqvist

Mats Målqvist is Professor of Global Health at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health and focuses his research on health systems, implementation research and health equity.

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Marika EdoffMarika Edoff

Marika Edoff is Professor of Solid State Electronics at the Department of Engineering Sciences, where she heads a research group working with thin film solar cells.

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Terry Hartig.Terry Hartig

Terry Hartig is Professor of Environmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology and at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research.

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Magdalena KuchlerMagdalena Kuchler

Magdalena Kuchler is Associate Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, where she focuses her research on natural resources and sustainable development.

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Last modified: 2022-12-12