Uppsala University Sustainability Initiatives – UUSI

Illustration of sustainability, a green city, water flowing, a circle with a smartphone, a car, clothes and a recycling symbol

Uppsala University Sustainability Initiatives (UUSI) is a platform to strengthen the university’s research on sustainability issues. UUSI gathers the University’s researchers from various fields in interdisciplinary cooperation. UUSI works together with other universities, companies and organisations outside the university. The background of UUSI is Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable development goals. 


UUSI was created to strengthen the University’s research in sustainable development. We therefore work based on the areas where the university already has a strong presence and then utilise the full university’s extensive breadth of expertise and knowledge. Cooperating and giving each other new perspectives and knowledge makes it easier to find new and functioning solutions for a more sustainable future. In this way, we can achieve UUSI’s objective of contributing new knowledge to discussions on sustainable development. This takes place by:

  • Illustrating and communicating the research initiatives’ operations and results within Uppsala University and to the surrounding society.
  • Initiating and developing multi- and interdisciplinary research initiatives with a focus on sustainable development.
  • Supporting cooperation between disciplinary research domains and external actors within the initiatives.

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