Talent attraction and career systems

Well-qualified teachers, researchers and other staff are crucial to enable the University to achieve its overall goal of conducting education and research of the highest quality and relevance. Good education depends on teachers who are engaged in research. Uppsala University aims tobe an inspiring environment that enables teachers, researchers and students to develop academically and professionally, and that makes the most of a diversity of experiences and individual initiatives. The pursuit of excellence and the needs of education and research will govern the approach to talent attraction and career paths. Criteria and procedures for assessing qualifications and potential in recruitment and promotion processes must be relevant, transparent and reliable, regardless of whether they concern the assessment of research, educational, collaboration or leadership qualities, administrative qualifications or personal suitability.

Successful talent attraction and clear career paths demand long-term, organised action to enable the University to attract, recruit and develop skilful teachers, researchers and other staff. Adjunct teachers will be recruited in close dialogue with external parties and their recruitment will broaden the University’s expertise and strengthen long-term external collaboration.

Teaching staff will be given opportunities for professional development in teaching and learning in higher education and subject teaching. Conditions will be created for teachers to develop their educational skills and to enable them to apply for distinguished university teacher status. Educational leaders will be supported in developing their own role, and in initiating, stimulating and implementing educational development work.

This strategy partly reflects implementation of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter & Code).

Recruitment will follow an analysis of skills needed and strategic considerations

Work on talent attraction programmes will be developed to make considerations of long-term recruitment and development needs an integral part of the continuous strategic discussion at all levels of the University.

The University will offer clear academic career paths

The University will give all members of staff career development opportunities. Staff in teaching positions may enter in a career-development position or be recruited at a higher level. Recruitment to the position of associate senior lecturer (assistant professor) has an increasingly key role as the first step on the academic career ladder. It must be ensured that such recruitment occurs on a strictly meritocratic basis, and the tenure track system must be clarified. Research and teaching staff, including doctoral students, will be offered career guidance.

Academic leadership will be broadened and strengthened

Academic leaders are facing greater and more complex demands. The University will give all teachers and researchers opportunities to develop their leadership skills and to prepare early in their career for academic management roles. The role of head of department is vital and will be supported by targeted measures.

The University will offer good development opportunities for other staff

Staff working in support functions at the University are facing greater and morecomplex demands. An increasing share of such staff members have a background in teaching or research, or some other form of higher education, and work at the interface of core and support activities. Clear career paths and good development opportunities are essential to recruit and retain competent staff in this category.

The text above is an excerpt from Uppsala University: Mission, Goals and Strategies.

Charter & Code and The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

Last modified: 2021-09-16