Ceremonies are an important part of the University's tradition. The ceremonies are related to the biggest events in academic life - the doctoral conferment, the inauguration of professors and the succession of vice-chancellors. In addition, the University arranges a graduation ceremony for students of the international Master's programmes.

Doctoral conferment ceremony

The doctoral conferment ceremony is an event for those who have recently attained their doctoral degrees. It is held twice a year: the winter ceremony at the end of January and the spring ceremony at the end of May or beginning of June. Uppsala residents notice the day when a salute is fired with cannons, first in the morning and later during certain parts the ceremony.

How the doctoral conferment ceremony works

Two old cannons shooting and producing smoke

Inauguration of professors

The professor inauguration ceremony in the Grand Auditorium

The inauguration of professors is a public ceremony where newly appointed professors are installed in office by the vice-chancellor. The ceremony has its roots in the medieval university.

The inauguration serves two main purposes. One is an expression of welcome, a reception for new professors joining the circle of colleagues. The second, and the most important, is to showcase the professors' subject areas, in the form of lectures that they give during the inauguration week.

The inauguration of professors and presentations of new professors from 2011

Succession ceremony for vice-chancellors

The succession ceremony for new vice-chancellors at Uppsala University has looked roughly the same for centuries. The outgoing Vice-Chancellor hands over the insignia of the Vice-Chancellor’s office – its symbols of power and responsibility – to their successor. The insignia are the sceptres, the seal, keys, charters, the student register and the Vice-Chancellor’s chain of office.

More about the succession ceremony for vice-chancellors

Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt at the succssion ceremony 2020.
Last modified: 2022-07-08