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Nobel lectures at Uppsala University

Watch a short video about the Nobel visits or some of the many previous Nobel lectures: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

The Nobel Lectures in Uppsala

For many years it has been a tradition to invite the new Nobel Prize laureates to Uppsala University in connection with the Nobel Prize festivities in Stockholm. The programme for the visit includes a reception with the Vice-Chancellor and lunch at Uppsala Castle, but also much appreciated and well-attended open lectures by the guest laureates.

A much-appreciated tradition

Visits to Uppsala University used to be arranged by the Nobel Foundation as part of the program for the laureates. This is no longer the case, but many of them still accept the invitation.

‘Rumors travel fast in the research community’, says Per Ström, Steward of the Academy at Uppsala University. ‘Many of the laureates come from the same university as earlier Nobel prize winners and have heard about the visit to Uppsala from their senior colleagues.’

The Nobel laureates appreciate the lunch at the castle, and many of them also enjoy lecturing to the unusually attentive audiences across the Uppsala campuses.

Reception in the University Main Building

The Nobel prizewinners have a lot to cram into the day, with a reception in the University Main Building, lectures, guided tours, and lunch at the castle. Some of them also request time to converse with a small contingent of research colleagues.

And tradition is ever present. Lecture venues like Siegbahn Hall and Svedberg Hall bring to mind two of Uppsala University’s own Nobel laureates. Many times, more recent Nobel prizewinners also have connections with the University, in the form of honorary doctorates, for example.

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