The Gustaf Adolf Medals

Honorary membership

No more than ten individuals may be honorary members at the same time. The external insignia of this distinction is the 1924 Gustaf Adolf Medal of the 15th magnitude worn around the neck on a chain with a royal crown.

The 1924 Gustaf Adolf Medal

The medal has been conferred upon two kings, four chancellors, eleven vice-chancellors, two deputy vice-chancellors, three administrative directors, and several major donors.

The Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal

The Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal is also known as the Hedlinger medal, after its engraver Johann Carl Hedlinger. The medal is awarded, in either gold or silver, to individuals who have served as dean for a very long term, to department heads who have initiated and directed extraordinarily significant work, and to individuals who have performed highly important work on a commissioned task force, and the like, of major scope or long duration.