The Rudbeck Medal

Uppsala University’s Rudbeck Medal was first awarded in 2003. The medal was instituted by the University on 17 September 2002, on the occasion of the Tercentenary of the death of Olof Rudbeck the Elder.

It is awarded ‘for extraordinarily prominent achievements in science, to be conferred primarily for such accomplishments or findings attained at Uppsala University.’

Recipients of the medal are selected by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the leadership of the disciplinary domains.

The medal is awarded at the Winter Conferment Ceremony.

Previous recipients of the Rudbeck Medal:

  • 2019:  Tobias Ekholm, Ulf Gyllensten, and Anna Lindström
  • 2018:  Per Artursson, Kristina Edström and Lars Engwall
  • 2017:  Olga Botner, Fred Nyberg, and Johan Svedjedal
  • 2016:  Sverker Gustavsson, Lena Kjellén and Peter Stoica
  • 2015:  Otto Cars, Lena Marcusson, and Gerhart Wagner
  • 2014:  Nils Mårtensson, Ann-Christine Syvänen, and Henrik Williams
  • 2013:  Eva Brittebo, Bertil Holmlund, Joseph Nordgren, and Kjell Öberg
  • 2012:  Anders Bäckström, Anders Hallberg, and Svante Janson
  • 2011:  Janos Hajdu, Ulf Pettersson, Agneta Siegbahn, and Peter Wallensteen
  • 2010:  Carl-Henrik Heldin, Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg, Jan Olof Rosenqvist, and                     Torsten Söderström
  • 2009:  Lars Wallentin
  • 2007:  John Sjöquist and Bengt Westermark
  • 2006:  Karin Johannisson, Lennart Philipson, and Surendra K. Saxena
  • 2005:  Birgitta Odén and Lore Zech
  • 2004:  Karl Gustav Jöreskog and Ulf Lindahl
  • 2003:  Hans Bennich, Stellan Hjertén, and Thure Stenström
  • 2002:  Gunnar Eriksson, Carl-Axel Gemzell, and Jerker Olof Porath