Walpurgis Eve in Uppsala – ‘Valborg’

The 30th of April, Walpurgis Eve – referred to as ‘Sista april’ or ‘Valborg’ in Swedish – is the celebration of spring arriving in Sweden. In Uppsala it is also the largest student event of the year with the Donning of the Caps at Carolina Rediviva, student floats running the Fyris River, singing at the Gunilla Bell Tower and much more.

Sadly, the 2021 Walpurgis Eve celebrations have been cancelled.

Keep going, stay strong: The Vice-Chancellor’s wave from Carolina Rediviva – next year

The arrival of spring – this year without the Donning of the Caps.

An important part of the Sista April celebrations in Uppsala is the traditional Donning of the Caps by Carolina Rediviva. At 15:00 precisely, the Vice-Chancellor raises his student cap from the balcony of the library and waves to the crowds. The people in the crowd respond with a great big cheer and wave their own student caps. This marks the arrival of spring.

We look forward to celebrating spring together next year. Thank you for thinking bigger and celebrating less!

The film has English subtitles.

Welcome spring at home

The 30th of April, Walpurgis or Valborg – whatever you call it, it’s the greatest student celebration of the year in Uppsala.

This year, you can have your own choir welcoming spring in your home.
We hope we can meet up IRL next year!

A small choir standing on a set table. In the foreground buttons like on a mobile phone.

‘Sista April’ - the app

Two red figures and bass, tenor, alto and soprano buttons like on a mobile phone.With the app Sista April you can download your own virtual choir to sing the traditional Swedish spring songs right where you are. Choose among four classic songs and which of the singers (bass, tenor, alto and soprano) you want to hear. Using augmented reality you can place the choir wherever you want it – on the buffet table or in your garden. You can even join in yourself. Take a selfie or a video clip and share with your friends! You can also change the pitch of the songs for some extra fun.

Download the app for free for iPhone and iPad. 
Download the app for free for Android.

Using the app

When the app has launched, tap the button “Släpp kören fri!” to start the augmented reality view and place the choir where you want it.

Happy spring!

Why do we celebrate Walpurgis - or Sista April as we say in Uppsala?

The film has English subtitles.

Last modified: 2021-04-26