Welcome to Uppsala University!

Uppsala University in brief

Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University:

Join us in creating the future

Rektor Eva ÅkessonFounded in 1477, Uppsala University is Sweden’s first university. We are a broad research university with well-defined missions: to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to collaborate with the surrounding community in various ways to help make the world a better place.

Perhaps our core strength is our combination of living traditions and constant renewal. The regeneration of knowledge is fuelled by the fact that our expert teachers and researchers continuously encounter curious, critical, and active students. We are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

Our nine faculties create opportunities not only for the pursuit of in-depth subject knowledge but also for cross-disciplinary research and teaching. We uphold our academic independence and at the same time forge relations with the wider world. We collaborate with the best universities in the world. The flow of students, teachers, and researchers between universities abroad and Uppsala University is crucial to the dissemination of knowledge, ideas, and expertise, both within the University and in society at large.

Every year Uppsala University attracts highly motivated students from Sweden and around the globe. Being a student at Uppsala University is about considerably more than taking courses. We offer outstanding cultural and student environments and unique student life. Our students meet the latest research in modern premises and laboratories. At the same time they have the opportunity to experience centuries-old traditions and scintillating offerings of choirs, orchestras, and other activities at the student nations. On our newest campus, in the World Heritage town of Visby, ancient cultural milieus are right around the corner as well. Our mission includes the advancement and stewardship of a living cultural heritage.

Uppsala University is well poised to meet the major societal challenges of today and tomorrow. Our breadth in research and education provides strength and potential. Research pursued here helps us to understand our society and to improve the world, making life easier for many people – research that reveals new perspectives on the fundamental questions of science and, at the same time, knowledge that contributes to environmental sustainability, human health, and social progress.

You are welcome to join us in creating the future – welcome to Uppsala University!

Eva Åkesson